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AboutArtNanaDedeArt Nanadede specializes in fine art, in the best tradition of the genre. The global trend in hyped art, be it conceptual, performance, monumental or studio-factory made, is also gaining ground in Africa.

However, at Art Nanadede we prioritize art of the 1950s-1980s, the fine art of figurative or semi abstract renditions of communal life, ancestral dreams and messages. These early works have a compelling visual attraction and reveal best Africa's ethos and mystical norms, with its ancient symbolisms down pat. They also have a strong base of aficionado collectors. That said, Art Nanadede is also invested in and promotes the multiform art of the 1990s-2000s, created by younger magicians – in their riotous, irreverent, exuberance of constant movement and renewal.

Founder at Art Nanadede

Osei Kofi profileOsei G Kofi is a purveyor of Africana par excellence. Decades of an international career crisscrossing Africa, first as a Reuters correspondent, a United Nations senior official, Managing Director of East Africa's famed Gallery Watatu, Nairobi, and lately as agent for some of Africa's emergent fine artists, have given him an encyclopedic overview on contemporary art in Africa. This is a boon for Artnanadede's clients in search for authenticity, originality and quality.

Osei was educated in Ghana, Switzerland and the UK, with degrees from Warwick, Coventry, and the University of Wales, Cardiff. He is a grandson of a paramount chief of the Asante Kingdom and his passion for art was nurtured early, surrounded by Asante regalia and aristocratic paraphernalia at court. He acquired his first work of art, an Akan sculpture, at age ten. Five decades on he's still collecting, and owns a quintessential collection, from art premier to Africa contemporary, especially its early beginnings in East, Central and Southern Africa. He loans to galleries, corporate offices and residences for showcasing.

Osei, who is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland, has travelled in all but a handful of Africa's 54 countries. He is passionate about languages and is fluent in English, French and Portuguese and a few of Ghana's many languages, as wells as having a working grasp of Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German. For more than a decade he's hardly missed covering TEFAF, Maastricht, and Art Basel-Basel. He exhibited his artists at CIGE, Beijing and Joburg Art Fair, Johannesburg.

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