Alexandra Spyratos

Alexandra Spyratos BioFancy a walk on the wild side?

Ever seen a magenta Ostrich streaking across the Mara or Serengeti plains in East Africa?

What about a gold-leafed Zebra prancing across the Tsavo Park in Kenya?

If you want to visualize how Africa's wildlife look like when someone gives Mother Nature a helping hand here's Alexandra Spyratos. She's an Euro-African born in Kenya surrounded by Africa's exotic beauty. With studios in Malindi, Kenya, and Byron Bay, Australia, Alexandra has made these two tranquil spots a personal redoubt as she steps out to brighten our world with an art form uniquely her own. She translates African wildlife onto canvas with a painterly verve. Her zebra, elephant, ostrich, flamingo and giraffe leap from her palette to swirl our senses and perceptions with manifest beauty, movement and desire. Her medium is gold, silver and copper leaf combined with minimal fluorescence applied by hand onto canvas. She's termed her shimmering glamorous textural feel aptly "bohemian chic."

Alexandra has over 30 solo shows behind her; in Australia, China, Italy, Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, UK, Uganda and the US.

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